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drawing machine x4

The code behind the “drawing machine” series dates back to 2004, and was originally developed to create design elements for the cover of Portuguese musician Vitor Joaquim’s album “A Rose is a Rose”. For “drawing machine x4” LIA has further iterated the code, modifying it to such an extent that the visual outputs that it now produces bear scarce resemblance to those from the original version. The underlying mechanism, however, remains the same: elements are pulled around the canvas by invisible leads, tracing complex patterns that form in the interaction between each element’s internal and external motion.

drawing machine x4 consists of 100 NFTs stored on IPFS for sale each for 0.22 ETH. view smart contract

about the artist

Austrian artist LIA is considered one of the pioneers of software and net art and has been producing works since 1995. Her practice spans across video, performance, software, installations, sculpture, projections and digital applications.

The artist’s primary working material is code, which consists of LIA translating a concept into a formal written structure that then can be used to create a “machine” that generates real-time multimedia outputs. Since her concept is fluid – opposed to the formality of the written code that requires engineered precision – the translation process between machine and artist can be viewed like a conversation. The process is repeated until LIA is satisfied with the machine’s interpretation; at which point the generative framework, in which the artwork can develop, is considered finished.

LIA’s works combine traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetics of digital images and algorithms, characterised by a minimalist quality and by an affinity with conceptual art. She focuses on the translation of certain experienced principles into abstract forms, movements and colours in order to allow the viewer to explore the same on a subconscious level.

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