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OG flowers

The 100 imgs were created by an anonymous user of the net.art generator exactly on 22 May 2010, a historical date in the genesis of crypto currency. They belong to the anonymous-warhol-flowers series and are part of the on-going artistic research project “this is not by me” (since 2004) in which the artist explores questions of digital authorship, originality, copyright and ownership exemplified by the iconic Warhol flowers.

OG flowers consists of 100 NFTs stored on IPFS for sale each for 0.25 ETH. view smart contract

about the artist

Cornelia Sollfrank is an artist, researcher and university lecturer who is based in Berlin. She studied Fine Art at the Munich Art Academy and Hamburg University of the Arts and completed a PhD at University of Dundee (UK). Recurring subjects in her artistic work in and about digital media and network culture are new forms of (political) organization, authorship and intellectual property, gender and techno-feminism. As a pioneer of Internet art, Cornelia Sollfrank built a reputation with three central projects: the net.art generator – a web-based art-producing ‘machine,’ Female Extension – her famous hack of the first competition for Internet art, and her activities related to Cyberfeminism – such as initiating and running the Old Boys Network (1997-2001).